Monsoon Villa

A beautiful ancestral home named Nahar Manzil stands facing the Puttalam Lagoon.
Flanked on either side by two ornate, intricately designed towers that have served as a landmark in this unique landscape from time immemorial, Nahar Manzil has withstood the sun and the storms of 150 years or more. Built in the early 1860’s by an affluent gentleman of noble heritage, crafted and molded to an architectural style that paid homage to Chettinad, South India, this beautiful home has been with the same family for over six generations.

Carefully renovated and refurbished over a sustained period in order to retain the original quality of its architecture, Monsoon Villa as it is now called, is open to guests, invited to enjoy the aesthetic beauty, comfort and privacy available within its spacious confines, resplendent with antique Dutch furniture, as well as a number of modern amenities that include a state-of-the-art pool.




Monsoon Villa is in Puttalam, the largest town in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka. A 130km ride from the island’s main airport; the Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake, Puttalam is a sunny seaside town that engages in fishing, coconut production, salt production and even energy production with the country largest operational power plant - the Noracholai Coal Power Plant located there.

Within driving distance are some of the country's main tourist attractions; the Wilpattu National Park, the Kalpitiya Bay and beach area and the Anuradhapura Town. Standing, as it is, alongside the A3 route that diversifies into the A10 and the A12 that lead to the Central and North Central Province/Northern Provinces respectively, Monsoon Villa is also a convenient stop-over for those travelling to either of those destinations.


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